BS Photo HCX-577 World War II British Raid Norway

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Shop our eBay Store! Show all subcategories Wirephoto from the Historic Archives of the World War II British Raid Norway Item No: HCX-577-BS Scan Size: 8.3" x 11.1" This WIREPHOTO is straight from The Baltimore Sun's historical photo archive. Wirephotos are different than traditional photographic prints! This print is the result of what used to be breakthrough technology (now completely obsolete) that allowed a photographic image to be scanned, transmitted over "the wire" (telegraph, phone, satellite networks) and then printed at the receiving location. They are often on thinner, slick paper (very similar to old thermal roll fax paper) and often fade or become sepia toned quicker than traditional silver halide prints. Long removed from commercial use, these artifacts represent an important era in the history of news media.
NEWS WIRE PHOTOGRAPH DETAILS Item No (SKU): HCX-577-BS Subject(s): World War II British Raid Norway Subtitle: Baltimore Sun Archive WirePhoto Scan Size (in): 8.3" x 11.1" (approximate, to nearest inch) Photographer: View Similar Auctions: Miscellaneous Other Countries , Other Countries , World War II , War and Conflicts
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