BSA, CHIMALUS LODGE 242, 30'S-40'S, Washington, PA.

26/50, CHIMALUS LODGE 242, Washington, PA., 1030's - 1940's (Merged w/Lodge 57). Please note that this patch is enclosed in a somewhat aged Cellophane wrapping).

Condition: Very Good, Used, X-Twill gauze back

Minimum Bid: $14.99

$1.50 for S & H; USPH Money Order payable to Ron Heuss No credit cards or checks, please. Mail your USPH Money Order to Ron Heuss, 4821 Fauntleroy Way S.W., #12, Seattle, Washington, 98116-4541. Be sure to include a copy of the invoice from e-bay.

Seller will not be liable for lost in mail problems. Insurance for same will be an additional charge to the buyer and will be determined by the seller at the time of sale. It is the buyer's responsibility to request insured and/or confirmation of delivery from the USPS. Otherwise, these buyer protections will not be provided.

If you're paying by PayPal, contact the seller, Ron Heuss at for his PayPal account information. As the listing agent, I do not have access to his PayPal account.

E-mail any of your questions to Ron Heuss at . These patches are being listed as a favor for the owner. I cannot answer your questions as I have no familiarity with this or any of his BSA items.

Again, no checks, no credit cards; this is a private sale of the owner's personal property. This offering is not listed by
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