BSA Motorcycles 5 posters ads w James Bond girl

Here are all 5 of the poster sized HAND SIGNED limited edition prints of the vintage BSA motorcycle Ads , featuring the BSA Victor, the Shooting Star, the Lightning, the Thunderbolt and the Spitfire mark 111 bikes .
These are all the ads in the series that were run in the 1960's They are all numbered Limited editions . The poster prints are actually hand signed in silver and/or black ink by the original British model Sue Linden the signature is not a reproduction.
Sue was interviewed for the 2nd James Bond movie in London in the 60's and worked extensively in London, NY and Los Angeles. The print is on heavy weight archival matte finish art paper. The paper size is 13 X 19 inches with the image sized between 15 1/2 and 16 3/8 X 12 inches. These are a must for any BSA enthusiast or motorcycle fan.
Wow your friends with a complete hand signed gallery ! The posters can be personalized to you too upon request.