1 (BTC) Bitcoin (US SELLER)

This is a listing for ONE (1.0) BTC (Bitcoin)


"Digital Currency, Non Regulated, Bitcoin is poised for a large upward movement in the coming months so prepare yourself today."

"Your purchase will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet or to your mailing address via paper wallet."

(Please message us after purchase with your preference.)

This is a buy it now auction, we will send your purchase directly into your wallet, only after we confirm your payment or we can deliver your purchase via a paper wallet using USPS. If using electronic transfer we will send a small verification amount first, after you confirm your receipt in writing we will send the balance of your purchase and the sale will be completed.

Only purchase if you can agree to and abide by the following rules and requirements :

1. When using PayPal there will be a waiting period to make sure the payment is cleared if the Buyer fails to meet the seller's Identification requirements! Your payment must completely clear before we send your purchase, Please be patient. We reserve the right, if something about the transaction seems odd, to wait until payment totally clears, or cancel the sale and refund your money, this process could take up to 3 weeks.

***Waiting Periods Can Be
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