Up for Sale is the exceptional FULL SET OF 35 BEN FRANKLIN HALF DOLLARS

Includes the key dates.

DESCRIPTION: This set includes 35 brilliant, uncirculated coins. In my unprofessional opinion, t isn't a coin under MS63; according the the following standards: MS63: Can have some distracting contact marks or blemishes in the prime focal areas. Impaired luster possible. MS65: Only light scattered contact marks that are NOT distracting. Strong lustre, good eye appeal. All of these coins equal or exceed these standards. BELL LINES: With the exception of a few weaker strikes, every coin has very good bell lines.

My research shows that a full set of MS 65 Franklin Halves could be worth as much of *$7,000. A full set of MS63 like these is likely worth *$775 or more. If the coins grade out to MS 64 or 65, obviously, this would be a great bargain purchase. Since I am not a professional grader and am not able to guarantee the mint state of all of these coins, I offer them at a lesser beginning bid. (*Coin Dealers Newsletter) I do tend to be conservative. Obviously, this could be great investment as rare coin prices have held their own during this recession - and have a rosy future. . . especially those coins produced in silver and gold. Conditions impress me with the need to sell this beautiful set.

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