Buck 120 + General Fixed Blade Hunting Knife W Sheath 1991 USA MADE!

Buck 120 + TheGeneral Fixed Blade Hunting Knife W Sheath 1991. 7 .5 IN Blade, Knife has been used but still has a lot of life left in it, Blade may have never been sharpned, Sheath shos more wear then the Knife does, GOOD COLLECTABLE, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!

Before you bid, I was putting the Knife in my Safe today and noticed a fine hair line crack in the handel, runs the lengih of the handle I am very sorry for any inconvenience! If you have the bid please cancel your bid if you no longer want the Knife, Thanks

I did find out out what happened, One of my helpers was putting some Knives in the Safe this one feel of the Shelf as she was closeing the Door and cracked the Handel it also bent the Blad a little, So if you have the bid, feel free to cancel your bid! Thanks Floyd

I have sent this Knife to the Factory to see if they can repair it, The Bade is bent, And the Handle is cracked. They may are they may not be able to fix it, If you are the high bidder feel free to cancel your bid,