Very Rare Buck Rogers 1/48 Resin SMT Hawk Fighter

This is a rare jem, long out of production too! A 1/48 scale resin Hawk Fighter from the old 80's Buck Rogers TV show. The Hawk is on the right, as an added bonus I'm throwing in (on the left) a plastic Thunder Fighter also from Buck Rogers.

The Hawk was bought (by me) new from SMT Models, unfortunatly it was missing the pilot and passenger seats. I have included some from a 1/48 scale fighter jer to make up for it. While this model came with instructions, it has no decals, just a painting guide. Sorry, the orginal box is long gone from when I moved. She can be completed with the landing gear up or down, however due to the weight of this resin kit, the instructions caution that the landing gear (much like claws!) won't bear the weight of the model. Nothing has been assembled on this kit, I just layed out the parts for taking the pic. Many of the small parts can not be clearly seen such as the cockpit instrument pannels, landing gear, seats, gear bay doors, and engine parts. Truely a very rare find, and an exciting addition to any Sci-Fy modelers collection!

The plastic Thunder Fighter has some parts assembled, but for an experienced modeler, it won't be a problem to turn this into an awesome addition to your collection. I'm cleaning out some of the old stuff to help with my addiction to HALO Reach figures. She is
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