Bud Stein CB17 - 2001 Membership stein: "Living the Legacy" Budweiser #02795

This 8 1/4" lidded stein was made in Brazil by Ceramarte. Artist Jim Wainwright honors the legacy of the Clydesdales, an Anheuser-Busch tradition since 1933 when August A. Busch, Jr. presented the original Clydesdale Hitch to his father as a surprise gift to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition. On each side of the stein is a Clydesdale head in bold relief.

The Clydesdale 8-horse hitch is in full parade dress at the front of the stein. At the back of the stein, the cameo of a Dalmatian is shown. The ceramic dommed lid, which is rimmed in pewter, is topped with a pewter medallion and decorated with a trio of A&Eagle logos. The sculptured pewter thumbrest is a minature reproduction of a "hame" which tops the massive draft collar of every performing Clydesdale.

Individually numbered #02795 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.