BUDDY L Pressed Steel Dump Truck

I got a few trucks on the cleanout too!!! This Buddy L dumper looks like an old INTERNATIONAL-HARVESTER truck!!! Two tone paint job which I am almost positive is original. Its yellow with the nose bottom half is blue. The yellow paint still has a GLOSS to it!!!Has all the Buddy L tires,wheels have no paint left on them look as though they may have been black! Left headlight is missing. grill and other headlight is surface rusted and may have been nickel plated. Decal on body sides states FARM SUPPLY" the opposite one is missing. Decal is still readable for the Buddy L trademark but it's not fully complete. Weighs 4 1/2 lbs. Its 23" long 8" high and 6" wide {approx} Tailgate opens automatically when release lever on dump body is released and spring pops it up!! Has some light rust at seams of steel pressing. NICE OLDIE!!! Looks like a late THIRTIES VINTAGE!!! Get your top soil and give a bid!!