Buddy Rich/Jazz Improv Magazine Special Tribute

Jazz Improv Magazine Tribute to Buddy Rich. Title: "Way Beyond Drums, Buddy Rich, A Portrait of the Man." This is Vol.6, Number 3 - Spring 2006.

PLEASE NOTE, the magazine DOES NOT HAVE THE CD that is advertised as being attached. (Nontheless, some awesome reading and tons of great pics and ads...)


Dave Miele's writing of Buddy in 25,000 words or less 16 Page Buddy Rich Photo Gallery Interviews with family, friends, managers, publicists, arrangers, band members like Marie Rich, Cathy and Nick Rich, Steve Peck, Stanley Kay, Jack Scarangella, Steve Arnold, Freddie Gruber, Peter Levinson, Remo Belli, Armand Zildjian and more Magazine is loaded Has been viewed but is in excellent condition with no rips, tears, folds or creases. Cared for by jazz aficionado

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