Budget ukulele pickup

We have been asked by customers how they can amplify their ukuleles without spending a fortune on a pick up system.
If you already have an amplifier with a reasonable sound and control over tone etc this may be a cheap solution for you.
These high output transducers have sufficient power to enable a direct connection to your amplifier, obviously you do not have volume or tone controls on the instrument but you can use those already on your amp.
Simply slacken off your strings, drill a small hole under the bridge to allow the cable to pass inside the instrument
Refit the bridge on top of the transducer You will probably find that you will need to reduce the height of your original bridge by the height of the new saddle - approx 2mm
solder to the output socket
fit the output socket
Plug in a standard guitar cable ( not supplied ) and start to enjoy your electric ukulele
A complete system for only £ 6.95
PLEASE NOTE : You will need a soldering iron to complete installation