BUDS 1/2 OZ Silver Remington Derringer 2014 2nd Amendment $25 Dollar Not NORFED

BUDS 1/2 OZ .999 Silver Remington Derringer 2014 2nd Amendment $25 Dollar............................Derringer generally refers to a small handgun that can be easily concealed. For that reason it was frequently used by women, who could easily carry it in their purse. The original derringer only had a single round with the barrel pivoting sideways, then the famous Remington derringer achieved wide popularity by doubling capacity by putting one barrel on top of the other and pivoting the barrels forward to reload.Buds Gun Shop is proud to honor the largest growing group of gun owners - ladies who have taken a positive step towards their right to self-defense with gun ownership. Women have always been aware of the need for their own self-defense and the 2014 Gun Dollar commemorates that right with the derringer handgun - the sixth Gun Dollar issued since the series was introduced in 2009. The obverse design is dated 2014 and features the beautiful Lady Liberty that symbolizes American's God given right of self-defense and the motto speaks volumes that guns: Protect Life. The reverse features the historic Remington derringer that symbolizes men and women's right to personal protection and self-defensive. The legend proclaims the essence of the Second Amendment: THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Every ... read more