This has got to be the most rarest on Ebay ever. This is a beer light with the globe of the world. Then it gets even more funnier. The axis of the globe is a Budweiser longneck. Then you have the old fashion beer truck with dalmations on it, pulled by the world famous Clydesdales. This is a full working light fixture and it turns on and off. It also has a chain which you can mount it in your dining room or rec room or pool snooker room. It is gorgeous!!! And LARGE!! You know how some women roll their eyes when beer stuff is placed in their home. Well, it won't happen because you have the dalmations and the Clydesdales. The globe is frosted hard semi plastic. I don't know the age of her.

I will even supply the argument for purchase:" But honey, you love puppies - you love horses - you like beer- and you always like to be the navigator - WE HAVE IT ALL IN THIS LIGHT!! We have to have it!! It has all the elements of what makes our marriage work Darling. You are the navigator of my heart and the puppies represent my adoring love for you. The world globe represents your fantastic navigational skills when we travel to your mothers house."

Hey, I want you to purchase this lamp from me and I realized that I must supply all plausible arguments. Plus I find life very funny and ironic. This Beer globe supplies unending amounts
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