BUDWEISER Beer Poster TEXAS CHICKS Debra Jo Fondren

Listing a Lot of Beer Posters over the Next couple of Nights or Maybe Weeks. T is a Bunch. None are Perfect but all from the 70's to the 80's. If you buy more than 1 inside the US just add 50 cents per poster for the extra shipping. It is marked THE GREATEST CHICKS COME FROM TEXAS and DEBRA JO FONDREN surrounded by Baby Chicks. Also t is a question on the bottom WHY DID THE CHICKS CROSS THE ROAD? TO GET TO THE BUDWEISER. This Has some Tiny Creases in the Corners and a Tiny Tear along 1 edge. Condition is Very Good. Measures 17 1/2" X 31". Shipping will be your cost at 1 pounds 4 ounces Parcel Post or Priorty from 76372 and Insurance is Optional. Check OUT MY OTHER ITEMS. Outside the continental US and overseas will be more for shipping. Insurance will be more depending on the cost. You can use paypal, money orders, and personal checks which will be mailed 10 days after received. CHECK OUT MY SELLING PARTNERS ITEMS at nikenterprise5.