This is a 1 quart, 14.5 oz LIMITED EDITION MILLENNIUM bottle of BUDWEISER. It was only available in 2000. This beautiful BUDWEISER MILLENNIUM bottle has the front and rear labels actually painted onto the bottle. The front label has a wonderful swirl design with the words BUDWEISER SINCE 1876 MILLENNIUM inside the design. Below that it says that the bottle was created for the new millennium and that it is a LIMITED EDITION BOTTLE. The neck of the bottle is covered in beautiful red and gold foil that displays the ANHEUSER-BUSCH EAGLE with 2000 below it. This bottle is full and un-opened. It is sealed with a champagne style cork with a wire type retainer. The bottle stand 14" tall and is 13" around at it's base. This BUDWEISER MILLENNIUM BOTTLE is unbelievable in it's beauty and will make a wonderful addition to your collection. Thanks for looking.