Buescher Rare True Tone 740 Siver Plated Metal Bb Clarinet

This is a rare top of the range quality Bb Buescher vintage
Professional quality metal clarinet that has been well looked after.
A nice clean 1930 Bb Buescher True Tone
740 Silver Plated Metal Clarinet.
I have very recently heard this Bb Buescher Clarinet
played by a professional reed player and it has a nice full body tone
throughout the 3+1/2 octave range from PP to FF.
Excellent condition considering its age, no dings or damage,
probably some light surface marks if you look hard enough,
all pads and springs looking good.
Some silver plate tarnishing on some of the more well used
keys and an unusual bald patch of worn? plating under the Bell.
Engraving on the bell reads: THE BUESCHER ELKHART IND. USA.
Engraving on the body reads: TRUE TONE 740.
Good clean mouthpiece unmarked with a good looking reed.
The clarinet comes in its original case marked
BUESCHER ELKHART IND. blue velvet lining,
fair condition inside, outside a bit tatty with printed numbers,
showing scuffs etc. and signs of wear but still useable.
One case front lid catch works okay and the other has
a part missing but the lid still keeps firmly shut when closed.
Shipping is by Parcel Force 48 only.
P&P to UK = £13.50 Parcel Force 48.
Please note that I have never
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