Buffalo Bill Cody & Teddy Roosevelt Photo by Hanley

Buffalo Bill Cody with Teddy Roosevelt, photographed by L. Moxie Hanley of KC, MO. Moxie Hanley was the Press Agent and Photographer for Buffalo Bill and The Wild West Show. Teddy is wearing a Rough Rider Uniform and they are sitting in a vintage ragtop car. I believe that the little girl in the back seat is Teddy's daughter Alice, and t is an unknown military officer, most likely an aide-de-camp. The loose paper label that was with this (and will be included) says, "This photo was given to me by the photographer L. Moxie Hanley. Who was with Buffalo Bill."

Based on the rest of this collection, I would say this photo was printed in the 1960's by the photographer from an older negative, maybe glass plate. Cody died in 1917, so the original shot predates that. The second scan shows the photographers stamps on the reverse of photo.

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I googled Buffalo Bill, cross referencing him with Teddy Roosevelt and learned that they knew each other from Spanish War times, crossing paths many times through the military, political and show business connections that they shared and respected each other greatly. It is hard to know when this would have been shot exactly though.

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