Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Token

This is a token from The Buffalo BIll 1900 Tour. It has been shot and has a large ding on the 1 o'clock position. It says on one side, COL. W.F. CODY, PRESIDENT, ADMIT 1. The other side says BUFFALO BILLS WILD WEST SHOW 1900 TOUR. It is about the size of a US silver dollar, and made of ALUMINUM. Aluminum was a very rare metal in 1900, but available in Europe quite readily, so it could be assumed that this was made for his European (primarily England) tour. T is a lot of corrosion and staining on this token, and it is in very good condition for what it has been through. A consignor sent me a few of these and this one is the last one. It would have been sold with the others, but it was lost in a box of newspapers till now.I cannot find this item in any token book or Buffalo Bill antique guide, so it is a very strange item to say the least. The minimum opening bid is just $55, plus $5.50 for USPS shipping. PAYPAL only. Good luck and thanks for looking.