I have admired the art of the Buffalo Days Horse Culture for more than 50 years, which led me to create my own variation of some of their art, as seen through my old white eyes. 's another one of those things I found in Thomas E. Mails book, "The Mystic Warriors of the Plains", that decided to make. I think this is probably more of a dance stick, even though I've seen them called war clubs... it's 34" long+ 5" of fringe... the horns are genuine Buff and have been polished by hand to look good, but not too perfect, they measure 13" tip to tip... the horns are glued to Willow hub which is attached securely to the Osage staff with commercially tanned Bison leather, which I stitched with synthetic sinew while it was still wet, so it fits good and tight... the head was then wrapped with a piece of Buff hide-hair over the Rawhide.... on the fringe end is a single ancient Dutch Dogon bead... I paid 33.00 for the horns a number of years ago... need more photos, drop me a line with your email of what you would like to see... the shipping might seem kinda high but I want to package really well to insure safe delivery ... I will gladly combine shipping on multiple purchases... Thank You and Good Luck!
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