BUFFALO NICKEL 40 COIN ROLL WITH ALL READABLE DATES 1920-1937--MOST COINS ARE FULL DATE COINS!! LOOK AT OUR PHOTOS!! THESE ARE ALL ORIGINAL DATE COINS AND NOT RESTORED DATE COINS. INCLUDED IN THE ROLL: 1920, 1925, 2-1926, 2-1927, 2-1928, 2-1929, 3-1930, 2-1934, 5-1935, 11-1936, 1936-D, 7-1937, AND 1937-D!! NICE ROLL OF BUFFALO NICKELS!!! These coin(s) is/are displayed via the photographs available. No material representations are made here as to grade or condition. The coin(s) is/are guaranteed TO BE genuine!! The grade listed if any is a subjective view and the BUYER is 100% responsible for the grading of the coins. INSURANCE IS INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING PRICE OF THIS COIN(S). We shall mail your item(s) as soon as your payment is received and cleared. No shipping fees are ever refunded by the seller at any time. The photographs shown are the actual photographs of the actual coin(s) which you are purchasing. I did my best to accurately photograph and describe each item. Take a look and enjoy BIDDING!! Thank you! TAKE A LOOK AT OUR GREAT EBAY STORE FOR FINE COIN AND POCKET WATCH VALUES!!