Buffalo Nickel Collection in Whitman folder: only missing two dates; NO RSRV!!

A nice set of nickels: missing the 1913-S type II and the 1918-D. Some coins are in a "typical" circulated grade. From my perspective, most of these dates are much better than "full." Many probably grade XF. Please ask for details about individual coins if you want more information. I cannot accept returns on this set because of the possibility and headache of a buyer switching out coins on the return. There is no reserve on this auction, so bid early - you may be pleasantly surprised by the final price. The album itself is old and taped. Thanks for looking and They will be shipped insured.

After several requests for more information, it is apparent that I did not have enough description for this auction. I have now double-checked the whole set for date/mint accuracy. All coins are verified and guaranteed to be the date & mintmark as claimed. Some of the dates are largely obscured, but enough remains to discern the date with strong lighting or good angles. None appear to have been acid-treated. The dates that are least legible include: 1913-D type II, 1914, 1917-D, 1918-S, 1919-D, 1919-S, 1925-D. Only the 1913-S type I is undiscernible in date (of course, not an attribution problem because of the raised mound reverse). There are no popular varities included in this set, e.g., 1937-D 3 leg, 1916 double die, or 18/17 overdate.

Added some pics to convey that the dates I mentioned are clear enough to call with certainty. Also, note the 1913-D type one seems a lock (to me) for the TWO FEATHERS variety as seen in the Cherry picker's guide -- there are a handful of dates that have been identified as having "two feathers" variants. More questions are welcome. Yes, some dates are weak . . . . factor that into your bid. However, many dates are quite strong to compensate. Thanks for your attention.

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