This building bank represents the second main Pierce-Arrow showroom in Buffalo, New York. Pierce-Arrow affiliated with the Studebaker Corporation in 1928 and a new Art Deco showroom, designed by H.E. Plumer Associates and Harold F. Kellogg, was built in 1929-30 at the corner of Main Street and Jewett Avenue.

Buffalo was one of the country's earliest centers for the automobile industry and more than thirty different automobiles were manufactured in Buffalo beginning at the end of the 19th century. The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company of Buffalo was to become one of the world's premier automobile and truck manufacturers.

Although the Studebaker Corporation failed in 1933, a group of Buffalo businessmen led by George F. Rand Jr., bought control of the Pierce-Arrow operation and kept it open under the presidency of Arthur J. Chanter until 1938 when Pierce-Arrow also went bankrupt.

Subsequent owners and occupants of the building were; 1936-1957 Maxson Cadillac dealership, 1957-1981 Tinney Cadillac dealership, and 1981-1998 Braun Cadillac-Buick dealership

In 1999, the Greater Buffalo Savings Bank was formed and bought the building to use as their headquarters. In 2002, the bank restored the building and commissioned this attractive bank made in pewter. Only a limited quantity were made

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