Buffalo Pottery 1950 & 1951 Christmas Plates

Offered for auction are 2 Christmas Plates made by the Buffalo Pottery, INC. Each plate measures 9 3/4". The plate dated 1950 is mostly blue in color with the word NOEL above three children singing Christmas carols. The plate dated 1951 is a beige color with green and it says Season's Greetings above three children sleding. (These 2 plates both remind me of what this season should be about.) Both plates are marked "Buffalo Pottery, INC." on the back. Both plates are in very good condition with no chips, cracks, or crazing. T are however a few pock like marks on the back of each one. They are difficult to describe and I believe they were done either when the plates were made or when the owner of these plates hung them. I believe this to be the case because they are in the middle w the plate curves up slightly (rather than on the rim). I also believe this to be the case because I have 5 of these plates total and all 5 have these marks on them in the same spot. I took a photo to show these marks. Again I believe they were done while the plates were being made and they by no means take away from these wonderful collector plates. Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!