Check out my other items !> This is a vintage BUFFALO POTTERY EMERALD DELDARE WARE 9 x 12 inch tray. It has a picture of the townspeople dancing and having a fun time. On the tray are the words DOCTOR SYNTAX- RURAL SPORTS. It has a poem under this which says ' Twas thus they fiddled, danc'd and sung at length dull midnight bid them close of day of joy with calm repose' L Newman. The colors are greens, tans, yellows and reds. On the back of the tray is a date ? 1911? You can see the mark in my pictures. Unfortunately this lovely tray has damage to it and has been repaired . It is still missing 2 pieces which can be seen in my pictures. I am offering it for auction as a collector of Deldare Ware may be interested in having this restored. I have tried to show the damage in my pictures, but please email with questions if you have any concerns. Insurance will be required on this piece. To ensure your satisfaction please email me prior to bidding with any questions.. Special notes:Most antiques have been lovingly used over the years so they generally are not in perfect condition. It is rare that one item never leaves the china cabinet or display shelf. I do list the imperfections as I see them so you can be as informed as possible and I never list an item as perfect as most items that have been used, and those that may be 100 years ... read more