Buffon - Parrot - 47 - c1790 Naturgeschichte Natural History Stipple Engraving

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Parrot; Le Vaza, Le Mascarin

Information: The beautiful stipple engraving with some original hand-coloring is from Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon's Naturgeschichte . The rare work was published circa 1790s on very high quality, uncut paper.

Buffon's work became one of the most informative sources as far as the visual appearance of animals, and was highly understandable for a wide audience. Buffon described his work and love for natural history by stating that, "Natural history embraces all the objects the universe presents to us. This prodigious multitude of quadrupeds, birds, fish, insects, plants, minerals, etc., offers to the curiosity of the human mind a vast spectacle, of which the whole is so great that the details are inexhaustible."

Guarantee: This print is an original antique print and not a modern reproduction. I guarantee this print to be authentic. Due to its age, some imperfections can be expected. Please view the detailed photo(s) below carefully.

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Author: Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon

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