Buffum Tool Co. hook Louisiana Mo w/ swastika mark

Up for auction is a vintage gate/door hook made by the Buffum Tool Company, Louisiana, Mo. This gate/door hook is
marked No. 672446 Trade Mark, between the word Trade and Mark is the swastika mark. See the following
for information regarding the Buffum Tool Co. and a picture of the item that is up for auction.
Buffum Tool Company

Gustavus A. Buffum, manager of La Crosse Lumber Company of Louisiana, Missouri, was born in Waldo Co. Maine on December 26, 1826. His parents Samuel and Mary Neil Buffum moved to Orono, Maine w he grew to manhood. Samuel, being an experienced lumberman, helped Gustavus to gain an early insight to the lumbering business. In 1853 Gustavus established a trading post at Indian Valley and ran a mule pack between Marysville and the Yuba River. On March 29, 1858 he married Mary B. Washburn, of Livermore, Maine. They went west, settled in Monroe, Wisconsin and worked for his brother- in- law Governor Cadwallader Washburn lumbering on the Mississippi River. In 1860 Gustavus and Mary went to Iowa City, Iowa and started a lumbering business t In 1861 he started another lumbering business in Clinton, Iowa and Lyons, Iowa. In 1873 the yard in Clinton closed and he came with his family to Louisiana, Missouri. He became manager of the Lacrosse Lumber Yard. In 1867 in Lyons, Iowa his wife died. They had

Charles Gustavus Buffum Sr., born April 11, 1865 died Dec 23 1934, married Gertrude Emily Carkener on January 3 1893. They had Charles Gustavus Buffum Jr. born August 1, 1904 in Louisiana MO. He worked with his father in the lumber business taking over for his dad after his death.

Charles Gustavus Buffum Jr. married Sara Jane Gorton on March 14, 1936. Sara was born in 1869 and died July 5, 1975. She was the daughter of George and Claude DeHoney Gorton. Charles Jr. and Sara had Charles Gustavus Buffum III born October 29, 1937 and Sally Gorton Buffum born September 28, 1940. Charles Buffum III married Suzanne Agnew. They had Charles Gustavus Buffum IV on October 17, 1975 and Katherine Gates on June 13, 1978.

Frank Washburn Buffum, born July 1, 1859 in Monroe, Wisconsin, came to Louisiana with his family in 1873. He worked along side his father in the lumbering business. In 1901 he organized the Buffum Telephone Company. He had this company until he sold it to Southwestern Bell in 1906. Later he founded the Buffum Tool Company of Louisiana Mo. Frank married Margaret Smith March 8, 1893. She died March 15, 1895 after the birth of twins. He then married Harriet Melton Davis and they had: Louise Washburn, March 12, 1900 (married George Frank Ruth); and Frank Gustavus, April 18, 1902 (married Virginia Wells of New Hartford Mo.). Frank Gustavus and Virginia had Frank Gustavus Jr. and John. Frank Washburn Buffum died November 12, 1922.

From at least 1909 (or earlier) to 1922 The Buffum Tool Company was known all over the country for its top grade workmanship and the quality in the tools they made. His logo was the Good Luck/Blessing/Swastika Cross. Many of his advertisements for his tools contained the slogan âeoe Buffum Tool Company, High Grade Tools For High Grade Workmen, Louisiana, Mo. âe Frank was very proud of his workmanship, his product, his town, his state and his country. He clearly showed that in displaying his name, his town and state on every ad he sent out and every item he sent out.

Note the "good luck" or "blessing" swastika logo clearly seen

He had many catalogs listing the types of tools available: Machinist/Mechanic Tools; Blacksmith Tools; Brick layer; Plaster and Mason Stone tools; Misc:(included yard tools and household items); Cement Workers tools; Plumber Tools; Tinner Hand tools; Auto Card Presses; Animal traps; and Wagon Jacks. He also produced items such as a lemon squeezer, ice shaver, ice tongs, irons, potato chip maker, ice picks, ma...
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