Buffy Season 6 Ultra Rare Un-cut Puzzle Sheet only 175 worldwide 118/175 sealed

Buffy Season 6 Uncut Puzzle Sheet Still Sealed

Welcome to this auction for a highly sought after and not often found Buffy card set. It was issued in 2002 by Inkworks along with the rest of the set, but they only produced 175 of these in total. The one in the picture shows number 120, but the one you will receive is number 118, it is exactly the same, but 118 is unopened and has never been opened, so it is totally mint, and therefore I am unable to show the exact one.

I have never actually seen one on ebay before, apart from the one I have just recently sold, which shows just how sought after these must be. I guess the people that have them know just how valuable they are.

Please see my other auctions for more Buffy and Angel related cards, and thanks for looking.

This is a real must for those of you still collecting Buffy, and something I doubt will come along again for quite some time.