Bugei Samurai Tsuba, Shingen Katana Shinken, Sword

Up for sale is my Shingen shinken katana, differentially tempered high carbon steel hand forged with authentic notare hamon. The 12" tsuka is has been rewrapped in battle wrap style by Fred Lohman. Tsukaito/Sageo is Navy blue from Japan and itomaki is tachimaki as done as in the muromachi period. The menuki are silver tombo (dragonfly) by Fred Lohman. All koshirae is from Japan. Iron black fuchi/kashira higo fittings. Bugei Samurai tsuba. The seppa, and menuki are all silver colored. The Habaki is white bronze. This sword has very tight itomaki and is unlike some other production lines with weak fittings from Chinese casts. This is truly a beautiful sword. Included in the sale is a custom vintage silk obi made into a sword bag. Feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to try and answer them. To have a sword made like this you would spend over 1k. Starting bid is less than half of that with no reserve.
5160 differentially tempered high carbon steel with authentic notare hamon
12" Tsuka rewrapped in navy battle wrap and navy sageo by Fred Lohman
Silver large tombo (dragonfly) 2 menuki by Fred Lohman
Japanese iron fittings, higo fuchi/kashira plain black
All koshirae is from Japan
Bugei Samurai tsuba (steel)
White bronze habaki
Silver colored seppa
Real rayskin same
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