Bugle American 1971 Milwaukee Wisconsin Underground Newspaper Groucho Marx

You are invited to bid on a Vintage Bugle American Newspaper from 1971. This is the issue marked Vol. 2, No. 29 (No. 42) September 9 - 15, 1971. This is the 1st Anniversary Issue. This is a Milwaukee area underground newspaper magazine, which was geared towards the counterculture of the 1970's. The typical contents contain interesting history, photos, interviews, local concert ads, local business ads, and other assorted tidbits from the wild early 70's Milwaukee scene. This alternative weekly newspaper was headquartered in Milwaukee and distributed throughout Wisconsin for eight years (1970-78). It billed itself as a "hybrid" between the establishment Milwaukee Journal and it's more radical ("Off the pigs!") underground rival Kaleidoscope. Denis Kitchen co-founded the paper with four friends. Its tongue-in-cheek name was inspired by the fictional newspaper published by Spider-Man's nemesis J. Jonah Jameson. Kitchen art directed The Bugle for its first year or so, contributed a weekly comic strip and created many color covers. A popular column was called "Toads in the Outhouse". I am selling this AS-IS. USA 48 only.