~Bugs Bunny & Gossamer Collectors Plate - Looney Tunes~

"Monsters are such IN-teresting people!"

"Monsters are such IN-teresting people!" exclaims Bugs Bunny when he confronts the orange, hairy defender of an evil scientist's castle. The crafty rabbit eludes Gossamer (despite the creature's sneakers) by posing as everything from a lighted lamp to a chatty hairdresser.

The thing we now know is Gossamer appeared in only two classic short films: Hair-Raising Hare and Water, Water Every Hare . The monster has no name in Hair-Raising Hare , but is called "Rudolph" by the evil scientist in Water, Water Every Hare . It was some time later that he received his unlikely name "Gossamer". Whatever you call him, Gossamer/Rudolph/Big Orange Hairy Monster collectibles have become a rarity.

Bugs Bunny & Gossamer
Collectors Plate

'Hair-Raising Hare'

You are bidding on a rare and discontinued
Bugs Bunny and Gossamer collectors plate.


Hair-Raising Hare
Starring Bugs Bunny & Gossamer

Bugs is lured to a mad scientist's castle and must escape
from Gossamer, the hungry, sneaker-wearing monster.

This collector series is produced from re-creations of the original cels.

It was sold for a brief time in 1993 at
the now-defunct Warner Brothers
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