How To Build Better Lapidary Equipment, Book Of Plans

How To Build Diamond Trim Saws, Large Sized Diamond Drop Saws, A Jamb Peg Faceting Unit, Vibrating Tumblers, Giant Rock Saws For Cutting Decorative Tiles and Facings, Great Flat Laps, Bench Grinders, A Portable and Trouble Free water source for all Lapidary Operations, and much more. This Self Published book is comprised of five plan sets which have consistently sold for 20 dollars each over the last three years or so, plus one plan set usually priced at 10 dollars, PLUS quite a few trix and tips concerning other bench tools, methodology, and efficiency in the Lapidary Shop which have never been offered before, including the plans for a drop saw and a jamb peg facetor. These plan sets have been entirely redone with computer drawings and rewrites to the text which incorporate new information from R & D over the last three years. The book is over 45 pages of cut-and-dried and easy-to-understand How To Build Better Lapidary Equipment information, which will save the buyer THOUSANDS of dollars in equipment costs. I have many many happy customers who have purchased this information as individual plan sets, and do not even consider the cost of the plans themselves, because of the money they saved. Now, you can possess the entire inventory of plan sets as the book How To Build Better Lapidary Equipment, by Bill Gallagher, for a savings ... read more