Greetings, and thank You for checking out one of our Listings. Some of these items had been on Display in our Local Model Museum for a number of years, which closed last year. Other display items have recently built by myself or members of our staff. These displays are assembled/built from plastic kits, some out of production for well over twenty-five years, a few older than that! In any case HOURS have been invested into these build ups, with attention paid to close detailing, making these Displays someone will be PROUD to display. Every attempt will be made to be sure that your item arrives intact, and with in a reasonable time. USPS Insurance and Tracking are provided on displays bought over $50.00.
Here we have Great FIND! Another in my Submarines Series..unique offering. assembled from a long out of production 1/200 Nichimo plastic model kit.>>been in storage over 25 years! Beautifully assembled 1/200 scale WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Type B-1 Submarine I-19... She is a True beauty as you`ll see in the pictures.. measures 24 inches in length..well detailed display with added rigging and Imperial Battleflag. The kit was motorized some years back, I have no idea if it still works..selling this itemm as a Static Display
The B1 Type submarine (also known as the I-15 series) were the most numerous submarine class
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