Built & Weathered Adams Street #1 Storefronts

HO Scale Built Up & Weathered Downtown Deco Adams Street # 1

Here we have yet another Downtown Deco building that was just completed. This set of storefronts features B&B Pawn shop, Archie's Bar, Hanlon Opticans and John Gessert Shoe store. This is a great little scene for your urban city.

The building's are moderately weathered for those looking for a slightly run down urban section of town. The storefronts are colored in a early 1900's natural brick , which was very popular back in the day.

There is quite a bit of detail built into both structures. The exterior walls have quite a bit of patched cement work helping to get that weathered look. There is also some nice roof detail with Chimney stacks, 2 old billboards, a bunch of woodscraps, old newspaers and such. The building has a gravel roof. The fast loan sign is stencil work painted on to give that faded look. I was going to make it into a ghost sign, but the pawn shop is still in business, so I stopped.

The building is not set on any base so it can go into any scene.

The building's are completely hydrocal. Being that the building's was cast in plaster, I could attain a very realistic brick color. All the coloring was done with washes, as there is no straight paint on any of the walls. Plus, the manufacturer did a great job
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