Bukowski - TWO large color prints from The Captain is Out to Lunch 1997

This is a bit tricky so hold on. In 1997 Black Sparrow Press along with Black Sparrow Graphic Arts published a large lavish Bukowski book, The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship, it was limited to 175 copies (plus 12 premium ones) all with five color prints done and signed by R. Crumb. I noticed one of the deluxe copies, one of 12 with original Crumb set-up for a print listed for $15,750. So the next year (for the common people?) a much smaller edition was published that had a color print of Bukowski at the front of the book. There were about 2,452 hardback copies of this edition (1998) done. Well a few, very few extra prints for the deluxe edition were made, some signed by R. Crumb but these two are not. By-the-way, the one of 175 large edition is worth something like $1,000 to $1,200. So the trouble is that if you want to frame one of the prints and don't care to ruin one of the beautiful books you have to find one of the few loose, copies. These have the very little sparrow seal mark. I am selling these both together. The Crumb signature is printed and not in his own hand. These are two of the five prints that were in the book. This is all I have. If you buy a few items I can usually combine or reduce shipping. U.S. ONLY on this one, sorry, NO International buyers or shipping.�