Bulk Lot Of 400 Lego Bricks Pieces Plates Very Clean FREE SHIPPING

This auction is for 400+ pieces of good clean used Legos.

You will receive a mixed lot of 400+ clean lego parts . This Lego lot may contain pieces from a variety of Lego sets such as Pirates, Star Wars, City, Town, Space, Mars Mission, Castle, and etc. Within this lot is a nice variety of plates, bricks, slopes, and specialty pieces.


Please note: The PICTURE is not the exact lot you will receive! This lot will be created with Legos like those in the picture but you will not receive most of them.

I have done my best to separate out the damaged and non-Lego pieces. Extra pieces have been added in case I miss any.

This is an excellent way to start a Lego collection or add to an existing one!

These are used Lego parts. Some are pretty old, some are fairly new, all are clean and in good played with condition. Please contact us with any questions, !