Bulk Lot Starwars Legos Minifigures Minifigs Sets Blocks Parts 10+ Lbs Pounds

There are over 10 lbs of lego's with mostly starwars!
I acquired this lot at an estate auction, included in the bin was 17 instruction manuals. Along with the lot are at least 14 mini figures. I acquired this set as a bulk lot and I am not certain if all the pieces are there. Please See pictures for details. I see many identifiable legos in the set from the manuals however i do not know if they are complete. Below is a list of the manuals included in the lot, some of the manuals show signs of wear but most are in good shape. Legos are in good clean condition.
Manuals Inclued
7140 x wing fighter
7144 slave I
8010 Darth Vader
7110 Landspeeder
7119 Twin Pod Cloud Car
8009 R2-D2, 4970,
7161 Gungan Sub
8549 Bionicle.
2002 Bionicle,
7130 Snowspeeder,
8011 Jango Fett,
8549 Technic
8007 C-3PO,
8146 Nitro Muscle.