Bulk Pack: 10 Traxxas / TRX Style Female (Battery Side) R/C Battery Connectors

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Traxxas high current connectors are among the most popular in R/C. The Traxxas style connectors I sell are a fraction of the price yet fully interchangable and offer all the same benefits. Rest assured that of the thousands I've sold nobody has ever complained about their quality.
Some of the benefits of Traxxas connectors include a shroud so there's no heat shrink required, wide surface area for maximum current flow, and they're impossible to connect backwards.
This listing is for (10) Traxxas / TRX Style Female (Battery Side) R/C Battery Connectors*.
*The gold plated connectors for both males & females have B's engraved into them - when soldering it's important to ensure the B-side is positioned up (towards the wire) into the female connector and the B-side down (away from wire) into the male - this will ensure the intended high current connection is made.
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