Bulldog Pickups Fat PAF set Nickel, Boutique UK Made

For Sale is a matched set of Bulldog Fat PAF Pickups with Nickel covers, standard spacing, long legs and braided wire.
They are partially potted to reduce feedback but retain the 'woody' un-potted tone.
Full length of cable Alnico V, 14.5K Bridge and 7.9K Neck.
These are hand wound in the UK by Hayden Minnet of Matamp fame and are very highly regarded - up there with the top boutique makes.
They are beautifully made pickups with a full fat tone - great in a les paul if you want push your amp. They were fitted to my PRS SC250 and produced a fantastic warm yet clear tone.
I have had several sets over the past three years from Vintage through to Extremists and chose these over Bare Knuckles partly for the cost but also the tone is better I think. I still use the Bulldog Extremists in one of my guitars but went for something cooler this time instead of these just to give a little variety .
Postage is for UK - message me for EU prices