Bullmark Marmit M-1 Godzilla Toho Popy MARUSAN EBIRAH

's your chance to own one of the great Toho Godzilla kaiju figure reproductions of the famous Bullmark and Marusan vintage figures from the Ultraman and Godzilla Gamera era. While I love the urban vinyl trend and I really liked the Marmit Vinyl Paradise series, these guys were based on the originals and this one in particular ROCKS. He's a scaled down reproduction of the original Bullmark Ebirah Sea Monster molded in bright orange vinyl with metallic blue, metallic red and silver sprays with gold eyes. He's part of the reduced size 6" Kaiju vinyl Toho reproduction figures from Marusan released in the late '90s that appeared at the same time as the M-Ichigo figures. He's been displayed and stored in a smoke-free environment and he's in superb condition. This auction also includes his original bag, paper insert and header card and they're in good condition as well. Add this rare and classic figure to your collection and thanks for looking! I'm selling plenty of goodies so bid and win on more than one for combined shipping cost discounts. Thanks for checking it out and good luck!