Bulova Vintage Mens watch 15Jewel made in USA US 1917 H

is an old Bulova watch. I was told that this is a Military issue Watch. Markings include US 1917 H on the back cover plate.This watch has 15 jewels and was made in the USA.The inside of the cover reads "STAR WATCH CASE CO.STAINLESS STEEL " the numbers below read 2380031 with the numbers 7197108 following below. The actual watch mechanism reads "BULOVA WATCH Co U.S.A.18569 15 JEWELS 10 B M " The o in Co actually looks like a degree symbol because it sits above the center of the print line. The 10 B M part of the print line is inside a rectangle. The overall condition is good, the crystal has a yellowish green tint that could be factory. The watch has been inspected and has a sprung main spring. T is no band. I hope this information is of some help in making a decision to bid or not. I am usually around so I am available to answer any Questions. Thank You for looking Robert.