BUNCH O'Reels Lot of 14 gaf View-master Reels from Sets US Parks Attractions

LOT of 14 gaf View-master Reels from Sets

Reels included:

Carlsbad Caverns National Park - A 3762 Kentucky State Parks - A 8482 and A 8483 Lookout Mountain Chattanooga, Tenn. - A 8762 and A 8763 Niagara Falls - A 6551 and A 6552 (1971) Ozark Mountains Arkansas & Missouri - A 4991 Redwood Highway California - A 1822 Trees of Mystery Redwood Highway 101 California - A 1913 The White House Official Residence of United States Presidents Washington DC - A 7931 and A 7932 (1964) Wind Cave National Park South Dakota - A 4921 (there is a small hole of light on one frame) Yellowstone National Park Packet No.1 - H 66 Reel A (1977)

All reels have kodachrome film.


Reels are used. A handful have bubbled paper. Most have slight wear rings. 4 have inked in numbers or dates. 3 have smudges on the face of the reel paper. 1 has crayoned marks on the back. Any with nicks on the edge of the reel did not affect operation for me. All reels have all frames. All worked fine in my viewer.

This lot of reels has clear and colorful views - there may be some frames throughout the lot that have a smudge/dirt mark or a few/some dirt/dust specks, or hairthin line or two.

I have previewed, and none of these have major viewing flaws (in my opinion). In other words, there may be a few stray specks on a few views
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