Burgess & Co. Royal China Circa 1903 Pitcher & Bowl

Burgess & Co. Royal China Circa 1903 Pitcher & Bowl, T is a hairline crack in the bowl which I was able to capture on camera and t is a real crack in the pitcher which does go all the way through, it looks as though someone banged it at sometime in the past. In my research of this set, I have found that this pattern was only produced in 1903 and was very very limited in production. T is nice relief with scroll work on the porcelain and t is a nice gold trim with some wearing at the handling areas. This set would be spectacular on a vintage dry sink, commode or a table as I displayed it for the photos. T is the expected crazing as well which can be seen in the photos. Just a very nice set overall, especially considering this is 105 years old and has traveled the ocean most likely in a ship. I can only imagine its history if it could tell us.