BURLING HULL! Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism V #1

BURLING HULL! Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism V #1!!!
WOW!!! The Ultimate resource for mentalism!! You can't find this since noone will sell it unless it's a spare copy! All three volumes are GIGANTIC TOMES absolutely filled with fantastic mental effects - about ONE HUNDRED EFFECTS per volume - three hundred in all! All explained in great detail, with pictures. The term "Dictionary" is misleading since this is much more - every effect is completely explained in the greatest detail, not summarized as a small entry as the term "dictionary" might imply.

This is Volume 1, with 208 pages of material by the greatest - Vernon, Himber, Jaks, Hull, Carrington, Thompson, Grant, Jordan, Mellon, Ecklund, Corinda, Mishell, Merv Taylor, Aldini, Marshall, Judah, Thornton, Alladin, Bergson, Amazing Maurice, Kelley, Larry Becker, and many more!!

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This is a BIG BOOK. If you buy one volume, I suggest media mail for $4, otherwise Priority for $10. International - ASK. If you buy all three volumes, then I of course combine shipping. I would stringly suggest media mail since they will have to come in a box - $8. Thanks for bidding! Payment can be made by Paypal, money order or personal check (please allow ten days for check to clear). Bad feedback given on unpaid
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