Burlington 4-6-4 #3000,1 Lamar Kelley Original Negative

Lamar M. Kelly (d. 1947) of Elkhart IN worked as ahelper at the sand house and coal pockets at Elkhart . He was crippled by polio and devoted most his time to rail photography. He traded negatives with Jerry Best who considered Kelleyâe(tm)s work to be of varied quality. Kelley died suddenly in a workplace accident in 1947. His negative collection was sold piecemeal.

This item is an original Lamar Kelley black and white photographic negative of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company 4-6-4 (Class S-4 by Baldwin - 1930) steam locomotive #3000 shown at Galesburg IL on May 22, 1938 . The negative is 3¼ x 5½ inches image size (122 - postcard). The full image of the negative is shown.

The image scans were adjusted for best viewing on an LCD display and sometimes appear to be underexposed (darker) when viewed on a CRT display.

Each negative is graded according to the following system:

Grade A - Original negative or slide with no or minor defects

Grade B - Original negative or slide with technical or artistic deficiency

Grade C - Original negative or slide of low quality, age deterioration or major deficiency or damage (included at no additional cost when noted)

Grade A+ - Original Grade A negative or slide with added subject quality or with some historical significance
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