Burma Arakan King Sanda Thudhamma Siler Tankah 1652 Rar

Burma Myanmar, Arakan, King Sanda Thudhamma (1652-1685) rare Siler Tankah, dated BE 1014, which corresponds to 1652 of the western calendar. The date is readable on the top of the coin. Please see the coin for condition and variety type. Size: 27 mm. Weight: 9.96 gm. Very Low starting bid. I fully guarantee this coin to be 100 % authentic. You get the actual coin pictured. If you have any questions please email. Postage: BECAUSE of EBAY & PAYPAL POLICY, this coin will require registration postage, with a tracking number ($10.00) for Canada ($16.00) for International. I recently purchased an old collection of Early Burmese coins and will be selling them on ebay over the next few months. Please check my other auctions as well as watch my future auctions. Arakan is coastal region of Burma, on the Bay of Bengal. The Buddhist Arakanese trace their history back some 4500 years. Arakan surrendered to Burma in 1784 and coins were issued by the king’s governor in Arakan, bearing the following inscription “Amarapura, Kingdom of the Lord of Many White Elephants”.