Burmite amber 105 million year old "VERY STRANGE FLY

Burmite105 million year old amber- NEW VERY STRANGE FLY LEGAL SHIPMENT PAPERS available to Ebay and Purchaser

Burmite Cretaceous amber - Leeward Capital of Calgary Canada brought in this

100 million year old amber before the embargo.

LEGAL SHIPMENT PAPERS and letter from Geologist

who brought it in are available to Ebay and purchaser at anytime.

Scientists from the United States , Germany , Japan , Norway ,

Turkey and around the world have purchased Burmite from

me off of EBAY and thus have been able to write many

scientific papers because of the availability of these specimens.


Amber size- 8 mm x 10 mm

Insect size- 2-3 mm

Number- T 25

RARE Burmite Cretaceous amber supply is QUITE LIMITED. We have not had any insect specimens processed for a couple years. Each specimen represents an insect that present day insects were derived from. THUS EACH SPECIMEN CAN REPRESENT AN INSECT THAT A SCIENTIFIC PAPER COULD BE WRITTEN ON. Burmite has the FINEST preserved insects in CRETACEOUS AMBER. The Leeward Capital Corporation had sole rights to all Burmese amber from the only amber producing mine in Burma . This mine is located in the Hukawng Valley in the northern Kachin state of Burma . No other LEGAL Burmese
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