Burns Nusonic Guitar circa 1965

I've owned this guitar since 2001 and it has been played at The Cavern Club in Liverpool a couple of times.

The guitar is in a 'well gigged' condition. For example:-

The varnish is crazed on the body-front and back.

One of the pick-ups has black tape covering it (see picture)and, believe it or not, i've never removed the tape to see exactly what the problem is. It looks like a small part of the pick-up's plastic cover is missing.

It looks like the machine heads have been replaced in the past . The original holes are still showing on the back of the headstock.

There's the occasional 'dink' here and there.

I had the guitar checked out by a Burns specialist approximately 18 months ago and he was was more than happy with its performance.

I replaced the original bridge and part of the tremolo arm mechanism a while back but these original parts will be included in the sale.

None of these faults are obvious when you're up onstage at a gig and it has featured for many a year in my theatre show-which is a 1960s tribute . It certainly looks and sounds the part!

My band has reduced to a three piece now with me changing over to bass guitar and it's time to streamline the whole operation and sell off some of the guitars and basses (see my other items) that I don'
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