Nice Busch Verascope F40 for your consideration. Everything appears to work; however it needs a tune-up from a professional camera repair person to loosen up the mechanisms and possibly clean the lenses.

Here are some of the issues:

1. Speed dial seems to turn a little hard, however the f-stop turns just fine.

2. The guillotine-type shutter does not open all the way. It usually opens 1/2 to 3/4 of the normal distance.

3. The film advance doesn't seem to work unless the lever on the front is slid all the way over to the right.

4. The "stereo/mono" button has been fixed to always be on the "stereo" setting.

5. Unit comes with a very nice case but does not have a strap.

6. Each lens has a removable KODAK SERIES V ADAPTER RINGS, 7/8" X 22mm.

7. Lenses appear to be clean, but I am not a professional and do not know for sure if the lenses have mold or fungi on them.

8. Camera has a serial number of #2610021.

Other information:

I have tried to describe the item as accurately as possible. There are no returns on this item but I am fairly confident that a good camera repair person will be able to loosen any sticky components and clean the lenses if necessary.

Additional Information from :

Camera Type 35 mm viewfinder stereo
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