Bush SRG 100 Radiogram 1960s - Great Condition

Bush SRG 100 Radiogram 1960s
This radiogram is in excellent condition for its age. We use it a lot (we don't like CDs and MP3s!) but we also have a 1950s Pye record player so we're selling the Bush to create more room in the lounge.
Cosmetically, the only fault I can see is a slightly wobbly leg at the back and has its brass trimming missing on the foot of the leg. You can only spot this if you are moving the unit for any reason! It is an attractive piece of furniture and has been well looked after over the years. The lid is self closing (a promotional feature in those days!) The size is 30 (h) x 27 (w) x 16 (d)
The Garrard CC10 turntable is in excellent working order. The stylus is fine at the moment but a little delicate so may need replacing soon. I can pick up several FM channels and the tuner lights up perfectly. However, I cannot pick up any LW or MW channels. This may be user error however because as you can see from the photo of the back, the ariel is screwed up in a ball and I haven't tried unravelling it! I cannot guarantee LW and MW work though.
There's the odd crackle when turning the volume/treble/bass knobs but nothing serious at all - just a few specs of dust. The sound is crystal clear with no background hissing at all. The speakers have that gorgeous warm, deep sound that only valves can produce
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