Busse Swamp Rat Knife Works Ratmandu 7rattlesbushcraft Custom Kydex Sheath

This listing is for a 7rattlesbushcraft custom Kydex sheath only!

I made this taco style sheath out of .080 Black Kydex. The eyelets are set for a large Tek Lok (not included) that can be mounted in the vertical, scout and modified scout carry positions. Theknife locks in and has a pretty smooth pull.

Tek Lok mounting; make sure you install the rubber washers between the Tek Lok and sheath. The Tek Lok can bind the sheath making the pull harder if you tighten too much or install the Tek Lok improperly. Most of the time I use 2 holes only on the Tek Lok and every time for modified scout carry! I haven't had one break!

I triple tape the blades of my knives to try to prevent Kydex rub it does not always work and can cause knife rattle. If you are worried about rub marks on your blade Kydex is probably not for you. If you are worried about knife rattle please let me know I can fine tune the sheath before I send it out. Most knives are hand ground and sharpened so each one is slightly different.

All products are handcrafted to imperfection by me a US Army Vet no two are the same so I do take individual photos of each item so you get what's in the photos. My products are not perfect but I do try. I set my retention on the stiff side so you don't lose your knife. Retention and fit can be adjusted with a heat
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